Living it up—3/6/2021

Clear skies and smooth water on a morning paddle at the Lower Twin Lake, Idaho.  Mona and Mike will be back up one more time this summer to celebrate family anniversaries and birthdays.


Welcome to our website.  Covid19 has taken our attention this past year and we are only just now getting back to this blog. 

Since summer 2019 we’ve finished making our rental homes available and engaged with great tenants. Our families have continued to grow and move and keep in touch by any and all means available.   

This spring brings vaccinations, a special elopement and fresh gardening as we make improvements to increase the harvest next summer and fall.  Skype Phone: 801-639-9728— Salt Lake City, UT


Journal of Activities

Our daughter Laura and fiancé Casey will elope with a few friends (to avoid  CV19 from spreading) mid-March 2021.  They have an exciting day planned to kick off marriage and we will post notes and photos here.

We’ve been out to Antelope Island and up Wasatch Mountain canyons keeping in touch with friends while getting fresh air free of CV19 problems. 

Coming up: Family get-together at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Hikes have been welcome as ways to get out and visit friends

An order was placed and filled with seeds and potting supplies a few weeks ago.  Spaces on our back porch are now being prepared for sprouts to jump out of the soil.  In a few weeks our last frost should be over and vegetables can be planted in beds outside.  Sweet peas will soon be ready.

Gardening Activities