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About Mona and Mike

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Welcome to our website. Our wedding on May 23, 2009 was SO MUCH FUN! We are in the process of adding wedding photos to the Album here. Since the wedding, we purchased a home in Las Vegas. Our house is in a lakeside village with walking paths, ducks and plenty of water. Email us for details. We want to host those who wish to spend time in a warm climate this season so write us - let's get together (grin).


Please contact us anytime (NO SPAM HOWEVER) - we can be reached by email at Mona@MonaMike.com or Mike@MonaMike.com. We have a FaceBook page, "Mike Mona," and Mike sometimes Twitters at MikeVanV.

wine and food pairings

Wine and Food Pairings .pdf
Wine and Food Pairing webpage